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The Trip

The journey begins with our trusty companion - the ’96 4runner. This vehicular champ has been the best bang-for-your-buck purchase I’ve ever made, and has reliably stewarded countless adventures over its hundreds of thousands of miles. After months of grocery getting, I’m happy to be able to give it a proper workout with 5 weeks of nonstop roadtrip. After that, we’ll be transitioning to something a bit more sustainable for a year on the road - a single rear wheel Ford F350 Supercab with a Four Wheel Campers Flatbed Hawk on the back. Both rigs will be capable off road, and were built to be able to go well beyond the van belt. Both rigs are also absolutely awful on gas, and I will be first in line for a future (and hopefully imminent) electric heavy duty pickup truck.

We’ve intentionally kept plans vague with the exception of a few events, weddings, and friends/family intercepts. Staying nimble with loose plans is part of the adventure, and it's one of the aspects I look forward to most about this trip. However I realize that not everyone has the luxury of throwing away their life responsibilities for a year, so I put together a rough itinerary for potential rendezvous. If you see a destination and timeframe that works for you, please do reach out! I would love to see you all and do some camping/biking/hiking/fishing/whatever together.

Key dates in the next ~month (to be updated periodically):

5/1 - So begins the journey, with MTB destinations scoped throughout Northern California and Oregon. The Sierras will have to wait due to some late season snow.

5/9 - 5/26 - Volcanic legacy byway and surrounding areas

5/27 - 5/30 - Downieville

6/6 - Back in the Bay Area

6/9 - Pickup Four Wheel Camper, vehicle swap

6/10 and beyond - North to Washington and BC


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